• A Letter from Pastor Clayton King

    I've played sports my whole life. At age 35 or 36, my body began to ache, my joints began to hurt, and then I had another injury at age 38 where I separated three ribs.

    I wasn't able to sleep. I …

  • Nutrition Fact vs. Fiction

    What's Important

    • Focus on the ingredients portion of the label.
    • Look for a minimal number of ingredients — the less the better. You can dress it up once you buy it.
    • Look …
  • Burn More Fat at Any Age with Surge Training

    If you go to the gym, you may have noticed that many of the regulars on the cardio equipment or in the classes have the exact same body type year after year. The reason behind that is …

  • Menu Items to Avoid

    Some of the standard items at your average local restaurant are the very same items that are preventing you from losing weight or setting a new personal best 5k time. These seemingly harmless foods can disrupt your …

  • Protecting Your Nerves and Joints

    From head to toe, your every action depends on the commands of your nerves and the mobility of your joints. If either is damaged or obstructed, simple actions become difficult, and pain and illness can …

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