Living in Faith Over Fear

Your mind believes everything you tell it. But does your body? Medical science is filled with stories of people who have overcome tremendous odds and improved their health dramatically. They’ve recovered from serious illness or injury –supposed impossibilities, only to experience the “miracle” of spontaneous remission or miraculous recovery. Then it makes sense that your body is listening to everything you tell it.

living in faith over fearIs it faith? Knowing that what you expect, without a shadow of a doubt, will come to pass if you believe. What gives some people that faith?

For many people its confidence. Where does that confidence come from? That knowing that everything will turn out alright.

Confidence often stems from being prepared. Whether that’s knowing your topic so well that when it comes time to give that speech, you’re not nervous, you’re ready! Or, having the confidence to know that if faced with a health challenge or risk, you’ve taken care of your body to the best of your ability. So again, you’re ready.

Your Immune System: the First Line of Defense

Your immune system is the first line of defense.Your immune system is really your first line of defense. Recent world events woke many people up to the importance of being prepared and being proactive with their health. This means taking care of yourself before being confronted with a health challenge.

Here are some easy ways to bolster your immunity and be ready for anything!

1. Sleep 

With everyone from our children to our seniors scheduled to the hilt, it’s easy to see why many of us whittle away at those precious 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Getting adequate rest, however, is one of the greatest predictors of a strong immune system.

In a study that looked at 164 healthy adult volunteers, researchers found that participants who consistently slept an average of 5 hours per night, were at a significantly greater risk of developing the common cold than participants who consistently slept more than 7 hours. Follow a good sleep hygiene program if you need one, but make sure to make sleep a priority.

2. Stress

Stress is now considered a contributing factor to many disease states. It is no longer possible to take the occasional yoga class or take a week-long vacation in the mountains in the summer and claim to be “managing” your stress.

Stress management now requires an action plan! Daily meditation, Restorative Yoga, long walks, and many other strategies ensure that you’re keeping stress hormones like cortisol in check.  This also ensures your body is in a state where stress is more a manageable, occasional event rather than a constant presence in your life.

3. Exercise

Exercise to keep your immune system strong

The human body was meant to move –and exercise boosts immunity. It increases energy, lowers stress, and helps support a good night’s sleep. Even a simple daily walk can make a difference. Exercise research shows that it encourages healthy body composition, circulation, and inflammation management.

Should you ideally engage in moderate to strenuous activity on most days? In a perfect world, yes. But, if you’re managing health issues and/or structural issues, consult your Dr. at E.P. True Chiropractic. He or she can design an appropriate exercise routine taking your individual needs and preferences into account.

4. Healthy, Clean Food

“Let food be thy medicine” is a common quote and accurate for good reason. When the body is in balance, it recognizes the nutrients it needs and can pull them from your food, beverages, even sunlight, in the right quantities. A diet of processed and junk foods with inadequate hydration upsets the body’s natural balance. This contributes to nutrient imbalances that quickly weaken the immune system leaving you vulnerable to infection and illness.

The professionals at E.P. True Chiropractic can create an eating plan that fits your lifestyle, includes healthy food choices that give you plenty of energy, and boosts your confidence knowing that you’re ready to take on the world.

Give Your Body the Nutrients It Needs to Fight Back

5. Supplements

Air, water, ocean, soil, even noise pollution. It seems there’s no escape. Our soil, air, and water quality have been declining for decades due to an abundance of toxic chemicals that deplete our nutrients, putting a strain on our bodies, slowly, over time.

In fact, a recent study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco identified more than fifty new environmental chemicals detected in people (pregnant women and/or their newborn babies were studied) that are either unknown or little is known about them.

The demands made on our bodies stemming from a poor diet, inadequate sleep, stress, inactivity –and add to that an ever-increasing toxic burden, being proactive about your health is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity.

Keeping your immune system fired up is a critical part of your defense against would-be invaders that might start by stealing your energy and end with taking your health. Make sure your body is supported with the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system, one that can take on these threats and rise to the challenge rather than succumb to the illness.

MaxLiving Daily Immune Support Bundle

MaxLiving's Daily immune support supplementsMaxLiving’s Daily Immune Support Bundle can provide the most important nutrients your body needs to support a strong immune system and help protect against environmental assaults, physical, emotional and dietary stressors, and other attacks on your immune system.

Vitamin C Complete

This comprehensive formula includes MaxLiving Vitamin C Complete, a well-rounded vitamin C complex that works with the body’s natural defenses to increase immunity and nourish and repair tissues. It fights oxidative stress brought on by free radical damage at the cellular level that contributes to the aging process and helps to ward off disease.

Vitamin C Complete also contains citrus bioflavonoids, plant-derived compounds with antioxidant properties that function synergistically with Vitamin C to counteract free radical oxidation and reduce toxicity in the body. The antioxidants in this formula enhance the ability of vitamin C to fight free radicals.

Vitamin D3 + Probiotics

MaxLiving’s Daily Immune Support Bundle also includes Vitamin D3 + Probiotics. This unique formula pairs Vitamin D3 (the most bioavailable form of vitamin D) with four, high dosing strains of probiotics along with Inulin from chicory root, which acts as a prebiotic or food source for the probiotics, helping to colonize the gut with plenty of beneficial microbes.

Zinc +

To complete this comprehensive bundle, MaxLiving included Zinc +. Zinc + contains zinc bisglycinate, a highly absorbable form of zinc, along with other nutrients like B vitamins, molybdenum, and malic acid that combine to enhance the effectiveness of zinc for a healthy immune response and strong immune system.

Live in confidence knowing you’ve provided your body with what it needs to thrive. Make sure your body is prepared to handle any challenge you encounter by eating well, managing stress, getting plenty of exercise and sleep.

A targeted, well-designed supplement program is an integral part of being prepared. MaxLiving’s Daily Immune Support Bundle has all the important nutrients you need to keep your immune system in ready-for-anything shape. You’ve got this.



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