Dr. Kevin Miller, DC

Dr. Kevin Miller is a leader in his profession with more 20 years of experience. As a former collegiate wrestler at Wartburg College, Dr. Miller earned All-American honors, as well as, 2x Academic All-American. While competing in wrestling, he sustained a debilitating neck injury. It was that injury that prompted him to seek out chiropractic care and that is the moment that changed his life forever. That injury propelled his journey into health and began his mission to get people well.

Dr. Humam Hussien, DC

Originating from Iraq, Dr. Hussien developed his passion for holistic health after following his mother’s journey to healing after a fall. Since that time, he has purposed to be the a leader in the Chiropractic field, helping patients to experience better health from the inside, out to lead more joy and hope-filled lives.

Janna Abeling, X-ray Technician & Patient Care Specialist

Janna serves as our X-Ray Technician / Patient Care Specialist.  In this role, she is able to meet with patients and help determine more specific areas of focus to enhance their health and healing. She is focused on providing the best possible care for each patient. Through her own personal journey with health and healing, Janna has an amazing testimony that fuels her passion to help others. Her mission is to educate patients on the most cutting edge information and resources so they can make the best decision for themselves and their families. She enjoys teaching water exercise, loves reading and is always searching for the next good book. If you have a good suggestion, be sure to let her know.

Gail Erickson, Patient Care Specialist – West Des Moines

As a Patient Care Specialist, Gail’s focus is to provide high-quality support to our patients, whether that involves scheduling appointments, answering questions directly or connecting them with other team members that can help. You can always count on Gail to have a big grin, hearty laugh and to call on you and let you know how much we miss your smiling face!

Melissa Grandon, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Melissa serves our office Nutrition and Wellness Coach, guiding patients on the path to maximizing their overall care so they may reach their God-given health potential through nutrition counseling and nutrient and hormone testing. In addition, she has a passion for reaching and connecting with businesses and organizations in the community to spread the message of true health and healing.  She enjoys speaking and teaching at community events, including businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Jami McCuddin, Patient Care Specialist – St. Charles

As an active member of the S. Charles community, Jami brings a faith-based approach to enhance the mind and body’s natural way of healing. With more than 18 years experience, she is also a licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Swedish massage, adjusting pressure and technique to the clients needs.

Danielle Moore, Office Manager

Danielle is the Office Manager for E.P. True Chiropractic, overseeing the Leadership Team, development and implementation of clinic policies and procedures  as well as maintains some finance responsibilities. Through it all, she strives to ensure that the team adheres to the office’s core values to lead with love in order to serve and educate families how to live to their God-given healing potential.

Libby Moreno, Patient Care Specialist – West Des Moines

As a Patient Care Specialist, Libby will make you feel right at home as she introduces you to our office and helps you with you get settled into care, including your first visit paperwork, navigating the check-in process, demonstrating warm-up exercises and how to get set-up in the adjustment bays. Formerly an RN, Libby is dedicated to advocating whole body health from the nervous system and nutrition and exercise to having a positive mindset and detoxifying the body.

Diane Rullestad, Billing & Collections Manager

Diane serves as our Billing  & Collections Manager.  In this role she works with patients accounts and insurance companies to ensure all is accurate and billed correctly.  Diane also assists at community outreach events where spreading the message of enhanced health and healing for all is shared.

Aleia Salazar – Operations Manager

Aleia serves as Operations Manager.  Her top priority is managing her team to oversee patient’s specialized care plan to assure everyone stays on the right track toward optimal health and healing.  While she is responsible for many behind the scenes operations, you will also see her smile as she takes care of patients at the front desk.

Leah Shortell – Community Outreach Coordinator

Leah serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator, using her passion to promote holistic health to through speaking engagements at businesses, schools, houses of worship, nonprofit organizations and more. Her goal is to help others realize better health for the whole self — mind, body, and spirit — while striving to balance the critical pillars of health: physical, mental, nutritional, and financial.