19 10, 2020

How to Go on a Healthy Juice Cleanse

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Why Do a Juice Cleanse? Juicing for Weight Loss 10 Ways to Optimize a Juice Cleanse 10 Strategies To Help You Make the Perfect Juice Cleanse to Lose Weight and Improve Overall Health A well-designed juice cleanse can help you reach your health goals, whether you want to lose weight, detoxify, reduce your risk of disease, or all of the above. “The term “juicing” or “juice cleanse” usually refers to a period of 3–10 days [...]

19 10, 2020

High Impact vs. Low Impact Exercises; What’s Better for You?

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Have you ever tried one of those fitness plans that sold you on— “The perfect exercise program to optimize your fitness goals?” Only it wasn’t true. Your body felt worse than it did before you spent two-weeks on that perfect plan. Sound familiar? If so, you’re certainly not alone. If you’ve been looking to improve your fitness long-term you need a plan that brings the fitness changes you seek without placing too much wear and tear on your joints and [...]

19 10, 2020

Nature’s Antidepressant: Foods to Eat and Not to Eat to Reduce the Risk of Depression

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Many People are Depressed Depression and Health Problems Depression is Expensive People Experience Depression Differently Nature’s Antidepressants If you struggle with depression, you’re not alone. About 16.2 million adults in America (that about 6.7 percent of all adults) experienced a major depressive episode during the past year. More women than men struggle with depression, but this condition doesn’t discriminate: It can impact anyone at any time. Depression deserves the same support as someone suffering from any other serious [...]

7 10, 2020

5 Ways to Build a Strong Brain by Supporting Healthy Neurons

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5 Ways to Build a Strong Brain by Supporting Healthy Neurons Everything you think, feel, and do would be impossible without neurons and their support cells. Your brain has around 100 billion of these unique cells. Neurons are information messengers. They use electrical impulses and chemical signals to transmit information between different areas of the brain. They also help the brain communicate with the rest of the nervous system. Some neurons, called sensory neurons, alert your brain if [...]

6 10, 2020

How Chiropractic Can Reduce Stress Symptoms

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Chronic Stress and Your Adrenals The Impacts of Chronic Stress Chronic Stress and Your Spine Stress and Interference in Your Spine Reduce Stress Through Chiropractic Care Once upon a time, a saber-tooth tiger might have wanted you for lunch. While that’s unlikely to happen today, other stressful episodes–like someone swerving into your lane on the freeway–can quickly put your body into fight-or-flight mode, gearing up for a possible attack. Your body responds identically whether you [...]

1 10, 2020

Pumpkin Spice Latte

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By: Dr. Andrew Baranski It is officially September which means fall lurks around the corner. This means cooler air, crisp mornings, golden Aspen trees, football, flannels, and of course pumpkin spice everything. The pumpkin spice latte is the favorite of many pumpkin spice lovers. Do not let the artificially flavored and sugar ridden beverages found at commercial coffee shops decrease your health. Pumpkin is a superfood that is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and you [...]

14 04, 2020

Kids Craft: “Inside my Outside” – The Skeleton

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“Bones shape our bodies and help us stand tall. We have 206. Some are BIG and some are small... There are bones down your back, all in a line. They help you stand up and are known as your spine.” -- Inside your Outside, The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library Whether you use Q-tips, straws or pasta, this skeleton craft is a fun and easy way to help younger kids discover their bones! As [...]

8 04, 2020

“Roll of the Dice” Workout with Melissa & Aleia

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Dice = Designate a different exercise to each number on the dice. Try and pick a variety of upper, lower, core, and full body exercises (examples below).   Decide how many reps you will do for each exercise – start with between 5 to 10 reps each.   Decide how long your workout will be – begin with 5 to 12 minutes.   Roll dice and do the exercise that corresponds to the [...]

31 03, 2020

Detox Your Home: Natural Cleaning Solutions

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Clutter, Dust, and Dirt Can Lead to Health Problems Spring Cleaning Can Occur Any Time Chemical Cleaning Products Can Be Dangerous to Your Health Natural Cleaning Solutions: The Safe Way to Clean and Detox Your Home Minimize Your Exposure to Toxins Over time, we accumulate things that can create clutter. Too many clothes jammed in the closet, frozen food shoved into the freezer, and stacks of magazines piled in the garage can create a feeling of being [...]

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