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31 03, 2020

Detox Your Home: Natural Cleaning Solutions

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Clutter, Dust, and Dirt Can Lead to Health Problems Spring Cleaning Can Occur Any Time Chemical Cleaning Products Can Be Dangerous to Your Health Natural Cleaning Solutions: The Safe Way to Clean and Detox Your Home Minimize Your Exposure to Toxins Over time, we accumulate things that can create clutter. Too many clothes jammed in the closet, frozen food shoved into the freezer, and stacks of magazines piled in the garage can create a feeling of being [...]

28 10, 2019

Nature’s First Aid Kit

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A First Aid Kit Contains Drugs Nature’s Antibiotics Make Sure You Have A Healthy Gut Your doctor might have prescribed a round of antibiotics when you had strep throat, a urinary tract infection, or pneumonia. These medications treat bacterial infections or prevent the infection from spreading. Some antibiotics fight a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. Others target specific species of bacteria. No type of antibiotic kills every infection. Your healthcare practitioner might prescribe antibiotics for a number of reasons, including: Acne Bronchitis [...]

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