19 10, 2020

Nature’s Antidepressant: Foods to Eat and Not to Eat to Reduce the Risk of Depression

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Many People are Depressed Depression and Health Problems Depression is Expensive People Experience Depression Differently Nature’s Antidepressants If you struggle with depression, you’re not alone. About 16.2 million adults in America (that about 6.7 percent of all adults) experienced a major depressive episode during the past year. More women than men struggle with depression, but this condition doesn’t discriminate: It can impact anyone at any time. Depression deserves the same support as someone suffering from any other serious [...]

7 02, 2020

16 Ways to Relieve Stress

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How Stress Affects the Body 16 Natural Stress Relief Strategiescture Stress is often classified as a negative emotion, but a certain amount of stress can make you more resilient to life’s challenges and obstacles. “[T]he right amount of stress—whelmed but not overwhelmed—can be a great motivator,” says Susan David, Ph.D., in Emotional Agility, “As uncomfortable as it feels at times, it’s the stress that keeps us moving forward.” Stress kept us alive when a saber-tooth tiger wanted [...]

13 08, 2019

Raising Happy, Stress-free Kids

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Kids are Stressed Out Diseases That May Be Related to Stress Categorizing Stress Among Children How Can You Tell if Your Child Has Tolerable Stress or Toxic Stress? Signs and Symptoms Your Kid is Stressed Raising Happy Kids, Stress-free Kids, Naturally A 2018 poll among thousands of high school students found that almost 45 percent felt stressed “all the time.”  Other research shows that stress teens confront can rival what adults feel. Even young children aren’t immune to the growing [...]

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