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What is a holiday hangover?

The holiday hangover occurs when we wake up with weight gain, fatigue, so-called “winter blues”, headaches, digestive upset, perhaps even the flu.

It seems to happen every year.

The culprits aren’t individually that challenging to the body; however, add up all their combined effects and they mount a super challenging assault on your body’s health and well-being. Extra booze, extra food, lack of sleep, extra sweets and lack of exercise leave every system in the body wondering which way is up.

Join Dr. Kevin Miller, E.P. True Chiropractic, as he kick’s off the 2022 Let’s E.A.T. Dinner Series with practical solutions to get your physical and emotional health back on track for a joy-filled and productive New Year!

Dinner is free, but seats are limited. Be sure to reserve one for yourself, friends and family members TODAY!

“The human body was created with an INNATE ability to heal itself. When you apply the 5 simple truths revealed at this seminar to your lifestyle, you engage that REGENERATIVE power! No disease, sickness or diagnosis can resist when you are at 100%!” – Dr. Kevin Miller