In this video, we look at how all of the body’s senses work and how your brain interprets them.

There are millions of tiny senses in your body, located at the end of nerve cells. These sense respond to many things, like touch, chemical changes, temperature, etc. Inflammation from each sense, like sight or touch, notifies the brain that something is wrong.

When your sympathetic system (pain and danger system) is constantly active due to chronic pain, high levels of adrenaline can occur, and can alter how your brain interprets them- this can increase pain and make it more regularly occurring. Despite your brain getting stuck in a cycle of sending pain signals, it is possible to reset your brain and reduce your pain. This can be done by regularly using your muscles and increasing activation from your spine to your brain. A specific part of your brain, the pre-frontal cortex, deals with pain interpretation and management, and is also very sensitive to changes in your spine. This is affected specifically by chiropractic care.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly can keep the muscles in your back and neck active, and can tell your brain what your spine is doing. This can lead to better pain management over time.