Why Vitamin D is Important for Your Health

Vitamin D, like all nutrients, is essential for life. Our bodies need it from our environment (sunlight and food in this case) to function. It also plays an important role in building and maintaining strong bones. But that’s not all. Every cell in our body has receptors for vitamin D, meaning it can affect virtually everything that happens inside our cells. Research shows that people with higher blood levels of vitamin D live better for longer, with immune and cardiovascular systems that function better.

Optimize Your Vitamin D Level in 3 Easy Steps

Sunlight is necessary for our skin to make Vitamin D on its own. But most of us don’t spend hours in the sun each day. In fact, we are living more of our lives inside, which makes tracking Vitamin D levels more important than ever. Once you know your blood level, you will know if your diet and lifestyle are able to maintain a desirable level of Vitamin D. We can then provide personalized guidance on how to improve your levels through sun exposure, diet, and supplementation.

The following 3 simple steps can help you achieve optimal levels of vitamin D:

1. Measure

Exposure to sunlight, eating vitamin D-rich foods, and taking supplements do not guarantee that your blood level will be in the desirable range — it must be measured.

2. Modify

Vitamin D test results will give you the information you need to personalize your intake.

3. Monitor

Confirm your Vitamin D level has improved with dietary changes by re-testing every 6 months.


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