Nobody wants to attend boring lunch and learns with uninspired food and a pointless presentation. Employee wellness is best served with a hands-on approach, providing the opportunity to truly dive in and take control.

E.P. True Chiropractic’s True Health Café Lunch & Learn Experience is easy, engaging, educational, and most importantly, effective. Geared toward keeping employees healthy and well at work and at home, our wellness professionals present informative programs on topics in an entertaining and interactive format.

Our Lunch and Learns sessions generally take during the lunch hour, but can be done successfully at any time of the day. Employees can bring their own lunch and eat during the program; however, providing lunch can be an incentive to increase employee participation.


Sending out email blasts and hanging up flyers in the break room are good ways to promote healthy habits in the workplace, but they aren’t the most effective. If you really want to help your employees take charge of their health, why not bring in a health professional to provide helpful health insight?

Benefits of hosting heath-focused lunch and learn sessions include:

  • employees feeling more educated and inspired to make better health decisions
  • increased employee morale
  • accountability among team members
  • culture of wellness
  • shows employees that employers truly care about their wellbeing

We offer lunch and learn on all aspects of health and wellness, including but not limited to weight loss, nutrition, exercise, health, stress, and more.

Popular Topics

  • Changing Health Paradigms
  • How NOT to Live Like the Masses
  • Cholesterol Conundrum
  • Sugar Shock
  • Diabetic Relations
  • Heart Health
  • Punch in the Gut
  • Aging with Grace & Vitality
  • Life in the Fast Lane: How to Fit Healthy Living into your Hectic Lifestyle

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Kevin Miller, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

Melissa Grandon
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Humam Hussien, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic